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Hunters are master archers and trappers. Hunters can incapacitate their prey with a single arrow or a well placed trap. Warriors are the strong and resilient masters of combat. With a huge sword in each hand a warrior can wade into a melee and wreak havoc.

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The Oovog is ruled by a shaman council who, with the guidance of the ancestor spirits, regulates the life of the tribe. Your purpose is to fight back against the invaders where ever you can, save the Otherworld and rebuild it.

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There can be no heroes without monsters. Even in a peaceful land like Ekhoron there are powerful creatures for you to fight. Animals can be hunted for their meat and hides while other creatures must be stopped from attacking the Oovog. Look forward to many challenges!

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Ekhoron used to be a cold, snowy and peaceful land where nothing changed for ages, but since the invasion Ekhoron has become a harsh and unpredictable place, and if you´re not careful and aware of your surroundings, you will find yourself in alot of trouble.

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